Rain Gutter Valley Splash Guards - Decorative

See Rain Gutter Valley Splash Guard Color ChartSee Rain Gutter Valley Splash Guard Installation Instructions
Color: White
Orientation: Straight
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  • {Premium Quality Splash Guards}
    • - Keep water from overshooting your gutters!
    • - High-Quality pre-finished Aluminum
    • - 2 Splash Guards per order.
  • {Versatile Utility}
    • - Straight or Bent styles for Inside Corner Guards (Outside corners can be bent upon request)
  • {Simple and Easy Installation}
    • - Can be installed by anyone, regardless of experience.
    • - Line up the guard on the edge of your gutter valley, and secure it with fasteners on the BACKSIDE of the guard. No screws visible from the front!
    • - No pre-drilling required when using our included sheet metal screws.
  • {Everything you need to get the job done}
    • - All orders include matching fasteners (1/2" Sheet Metal Screws) for fastening your splash guard securely.
  • {The Perfect Finishing Touch}
    • - Multiple colors, designs, and styles to match the exterior of your home seamlessly.
    • - Other styles like Classic, Oversized, and Extreme can be found here.
    • - Includes screws and a hex bit driver for quick and simple installation.
Splash Guard Size Dimensions
Decorative Straight 5" tall x 18.75" long
Decorative Bent 5" tall x 9.5" sides
  • Installation video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ANvn1TKioI
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