MIDWEST Aviation Tin Snips - Offset Tin Cutting Shears

Style: Combo Pack
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  • {High Quality} 
    • - These blades are hot drop-forged of molybdenum alloy steel and austemper heat-treated for maximum strength and durability, and the longest lasting cutting edge. 
    • - Blade pivot bolt is threaded into the bottom blade to keep blades in adjustment longer. 
    • - High Tensile strength steel will not bend from hand pressure and provides efficient conversion of hand force to cutting power for the strongest handles. 
    • - Proudly made in the USA to ASME B107.500 Performance Standards. 
  • {Versatile Utility} 
    • - Combo Pack includes both left and right cut offset models for optimal cutting ability. 
    • - Perfect for cutting a variety of sheet metal such as copper, steel, and aluminum. 
    • - Useful for cutting full sheets, tight curves, and trim cuts. 
  • {Simple and Comfortable} 
    • Kush N' Power grips conform with the motion of the user's hands. Intended ribs prevent hand and finger slippage. 
    • Compound leverage multiplies handle force to cutting blades by 8: 1 for significantly less fatigue and ease of cutting. 
    • - Blade cut from "pinch through point", requiring fewer re-bites when cutting through long sheets, and provides precision when cutting tight curves, 
    • - Glide-Tech Forged Blades provide the cleanest, fastest, most comfortable cut possible with less hand force. 
  • Demonstration Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_ZrBPUT_Ic
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