ZXL Dome Cap 7/8" Stitch Lap Metal Building Screws

Quantity: 250
Color Name: Saddle Tan
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  • {Self-Drilling 7/8" Stitch Lap Metal Building Screws}
    • - Self-Drilling tip means no pre-drilling.
    • - Easily penetrates steel up to .210" thickness with no "point-walking".
    • - Meant to attach metal roof and sidewall panels together.
    • - Stitch lap screws will securely fasten two layers of up to 18 gauge thickness with no strip-out.
    • - Tapered Shaft holds strong in the panel laps.
    • - 5/16" ZXL Dome Cap head completely encapsulates washer, preventing UV damage and lasting for years longer than industry standard screws. 
  • {Multiple Quantities}
    • - Available in quantities of 250, 500, & 1000.
  • {Multiple Colors}
    • - 17 color options available to match your specific project.
  • {Easy to Install}
    • - Can be installed by anyone, regardless of experience.
    • - All orders include a free 5/16" Hex Driver.
    • - Advanced forging process technology - Sharp drill edges consistently cut the metal, eliminating slow or dropped screws and pigtails that can embed themselves in the rubber washer.
  • All product prices include free Standard Shipping in the Lower 48 States. 
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